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Inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List is one of the highest accolades any location can aspire to. This organization is responsible for assessing the quality standards, beauty and state of conservation of cities, monuments, natural landscapes and traditions around the world.

Listed under the Cultural Landscape category of the World Heritage List, the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range is one of the Balearic Islands’ greatest attractions and a source of true pride for locals.

Furthermore, in 2010 the Chant of the Sybil was included on UNESCO’s Intangible World Heritage List due to its cultural value and historical significance.

  • DO NOT WASTE WATER. It is essential for all forms of life. Potable water is obtained by means of seawater desalination, a costly and contaminating process.
  • CUT OUT UNNECESSARY POWER CONSUMPTION. Generating power has a major impact on the natural environment.
  • CONSUME FOOD PRODUCED ON MAJORCA. When it comes to eating, opt for local produce. Majorcan gastronomy is delicious, flavoursome and varied. Magnificent oils with all the essence of the Mediterranean, highly acclaimed wines, mouth-watering handcrafted cheeses, delicately sweet and juicy apricots, almonds…
  • REUSE, REDUCE AND SORT WASTE, USING THE COLOUR-CODED BINS. Cutting the amount of rubbish produced requires opting not to buy products with unnecessary amounts of wrapping, or urging stores to use recyclable packaging.
  • DO NOT THROW LITTER, CIGARETTE ENDS OR OTHER WASTE PRODUCTS. The island’s residents have always been aware of the need to conserve and keep their environment clean. Contribute by adopting our cultural values.
  • DO NOT PICK PLANTS AND FLOWERS. Majorca boasts a wealth of flora unlike any other in the world, but it needs taking care of.
  • CHOOSE SUSTAINABLE MEANS OF GETTING AROUND. Opting for public transport will reduce your personal carbon footprint. Plan your journeys with sufficient time and explore the city and towns around the island on foot or by bicycle.
  • USE THE LITTER BINS ON THE BEACH, OR IF THERE ARE NONE, TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME WITH YOU. The beaches are one of the island’s many attractions. Do not allow rubbish to gather on them.
  • RESPECT THE SEA. Do not throw waste products into the sea. When scuba diving, take care not to damage the algae or capture living animals from the seabed. The sea is one of our most important assets.
  • WHEN SHOPPING, CHOOSE LOCAL ARTS AND CRAFTS. Ask at the tourist information offices for details of shops specializing in local arts and crafts.
  • VISIT THE ART, CULTURAL AND TOURISM CENTRES. Windmills, churches, prehistoric settlements, Roman villas, caves, liturgical chants, villages, gardens... all these and much more make up Majorca’s historical heritage. Discover a cultural legacy guaranteed to surprise.